One of the best ways to take charge of your health in the United States is to have health insurance. Good health insurance coverage puts your mind at ease in case of any sort of health emergency.

The current problem is that not everyone can afford health care insurance in New Mexico. Affordable health care in New Mexico is needed without saying.

Citizens of New Mexico pay an average of $350 per month for insurance. This is pretty high since the unemployment rate is also high. How does one get around this and access low-cost health insurance?

Well, the answer is not far-fetched. Below are a few low-cost health insurance plans for citizens of New Mexico.

COBRA health insurance

First of all, COBRA is an acronym that stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. It was set up by the government in 1985 to cater to the health insurance needs of retirees, the unemployed, and so on.

COBRA was established so that individuals that experience job loss would not feel stranded. It provides these groups of an individual with health insurance coverage for a restricted timeframe.

Private establishments with no affiliation with the government are eligible for it. The basic requirement is that the establishment must have over 20 employees. Owners of such businesses have been advised to offer COBRA coverage to employees based on their eligibility.


Terms of eligibility for Medicaid used to be so rigid but with the ACA things are changing. Now, Medicaid covers a wide range of people and they are relatively cheap. Medicaid has even made exceptions for individuals that fall below the poverty line in New Mexico. You should take advantage of such opportunities if you require low-cost health care. Check here!

Health insurance market place

The health insurance marketplace is an online market for people to buy health insurance plans. The marketplace contains several insurance prices from the lowest prices to the highest prices. Hence, all you have to do is select a plan that suits your budget.

Health insurance companies that provide low-cost health insurance

Several private health insurance companies provide cheap health insurance plans. These companies include but are not limited to Molina Healthcare, Ambetter from western sky community care, True Health, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico, and Friday Health Plans.

Still, I would advise that you read and understand all their terms and conditions before agreeing to it. Some cheap plans attract a high tax rate. Note: Molina Healthcare offers the cheapest healthcare insurance plan in New Mexico.

Short-term health insurance in New Mexico

The short-term health insurance in New Mexico is limited to three months and cannot be renewed. This policy was effected in 2019. In those three months, you are expected to find an alternative to cover your health insurance. National General offers short-term insurance plans to New Mexicans.

To know if you qualify for any short-term health insurance plans, check if you can buy an ACA-compliant major medical plan. For more information visit:

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